Introducing : WordPress Theme Boilerplate

Short of time? Need to quickly start developing WordPress theme for your client? Well, You’re in luck.

I have had the same struggle, Whenever I had a new client and he/she wanted a new WordPress theme from scratch or I am building a new theme for some marketplace, I have to do the whole basic things again and again, So just to save some of my time, I created this boilerplate for WordPress themes but then it hit me, Why just keep it to myself?

From the last few weeks I have been struggling to get my themes on the themeforest but some of the stuff I was doing was – in their words – not done the right way. So in this Boilerplate I have used the ways that are suggested by the review team at themeforest.

Here is the link to WordPress Theme Boilerplate


How to use

So you have downloaded the WordPress Theme Boilerplate, Here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

  • Simply perform a global search for “THEMENAME” and replace it with your WordPress theme name or slug, The prefix etc will be replaced.
  • Update the fonts name in import/google-fonts.php to your fonts.
  • To add new script, use import/scripts.php

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