How I Made My First Website and How You can build one!

I started web development in my 7th grade when my brother bought a CD of a very popular web design and development software, that is, Adobe Dreamweaver. And that was the exact moment when I got my first hands on development software.

As soon as I saw my brother struggling to learn Dreamweaver, I started to sit beside him and started staring at his computer screen all day and then I got an idea to build my own website for one of my favorite game series, GTA. I started searching for online for sites that were already there for GTA and started planing to add different stuff into the site BUT I had no skills at that time, I was completely that old school gamer type boy who used to play video games all day long. But my excitement me to start searching online for tutorials for how to use Dreamweaver to make my first website (I didn’t even knew about HTML). I searched online and after almost a month I was able to customize the templates that were already there in Dreamweaver and add links and images and do some basic stuff.

After adding Saved Games, Cheats, Trainers and some other weird stuff into the site I decided to upload it on to the internet so again I started searching to get a free .com domain but ended up using a free domain and hosting from 000webhost (Not Recommended Now). By the time I uploaded by site to the free server, My brother already had his site uploaded and approved from Google Adsense. Thanks to him who convinced my parents to give me some cash to buy hosting and domain for it.

I changed the site’s site almost 3 three times and got rejected from Adsense, I think 1 or maybe 2 times before I could actually get an get an approved account.

But that was all my story, Now how can you make your own website?

First Things First

Prepare a mindset, if some told you that ‘hey buddy! lets start a website and make a shit load of money’ then my friend, you cannot learn anything. The most basic concept to learning anything is to do it for passion, not for money. You have a passion to be an artist but people keep telling you that you wont be happy or you’ll regret it then my friend just look at them, bring a little smile on your face and move on.

Don’t give a shit about what others think about you or don’t get sad that you are getting low in class and not getting enough marks, I have been failing in couple of subject in my school in almost every exams, Its not these exams that are gonna get you a job, Its not the result card that is gonna make you happy when you’re 25 and struggling to get a job by studying something that you never loved.


When I started learning web development I first learned HTML, But at that time I didn’t knew about WordPress, Now that WordPress has been developed soo much as it is an open source CMS (Content Management System) and is improving everyday because of other programmers contributing in the code.

As WordPress can be used even by non coders because of its simple design so anyone who can google little things can learn the basic of WordPress to develop his own very first website. But as you move on I highly recommend you to try and make a WordPress theme, that way you will be able to Learn good HTML & CSS and some basics of PHP.

I highly recommend WordPress anyone who is trying to make his very own website.

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