My first visit to Lahore and WordPress meetup

A few days back on 19th Dec I went to a WordPress meetup in Lahore at Arfa Tower that was arranged by some cool guys, It was my first time I went outside my city alone and traveled to such a big city. But yeah that wasn’t as bad as you might be thinking.

It was my last paper that day and I finished it as fast as I could to don’t miss the bus, I took my laptop, Phone and a usb charger in a bag and rushed to the bus station and managed to get there on time. My uncle came to lahore bus station to receive me and dropped me at Arfa Tower where the great fellow Usama Arshad recieved me and he also reserved a seat for me but because I was late I missed the seat and due to soo many attendees those who came late had to sit on the stairs to attend the meetup.

Then there was this guy, Ahmad Awais – WordPress full stack developer who gave us workshop on “Personal Development of a WordPress Developer”. Well that was really cool, He talked about how a developer should act like and he told about left learning and risk taking. He talked about that most of the developers are self taught and that’s truth, both in my case, his case or any other successful developer’ case. Most of the good developers are the ones who believe in them self and learn things by experimenting and by actually searching for it. Loved that point!

The second workshop was by Kamran Shafi – WordPress guru & Freelance Trainer, He gave us a workshop on how to deal with client, During his workshop there was also a little bit of fun and he told us about his journey from a noob to WordPress guru.

After the workshops there was time for some networking, I met different professionals and surprisingly met some of the developers of those sites that I thought are not Pakistani and are made by foreign developers, Those guys were (for me) surprisingly Pakistani. I also met this guy Haris Zulfiqar – CTO of Theme Fusion and Developer of the No. 1 selling themeforest WordPress Theme – Avada.

The best part of the networking (for me) was when this guy, Nouman Yaqoob – Technical Writer at, He was telling one WP Student that the new WordPress 4.4 made a change in comment form and if he makes a plugin to rearrange it back to how it was in the previous version then it will get at-lest 5-10k downloads, So when I got back from the meetup and after two days I started and developed the plugin for it. Now em hoping to get a few hundred downloads 😛

The meetup was fabulous, Learned a lot of things there and made a lot of contacts with WordPress professionals.

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