4 Things to know before Submitting to Themeforest

Themeforest is a part of Envato Market where you can buy and sell Website templates, WordPress themes and other design related elements. Other than Themeforest, Envato Market also offers other platforms such as codecanyon, graphic river and photo dune etc.

It’s a great place to buy or sell your designs, With millions of monthly visitors from around the world, It offers an incredibally good opportunity for designer and developers to sell their products to the world without the hassle of marketing costs and other things.

lets say you want to be a part of this market place, You want to work on a product to sell it on themeforest. But before you work on that product(s), Here are the most important things that you need to know before you jump into themeforest.

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Product Quality

When you’re making a product for themeforest, for instance lets say you’re designing or developing a WordPress theme. You need to make sure that the theme fully meets the standard WordPress.org theme submission requirements. This is one thing, Some of these restrictions are removed by Themeforest WordPress theme requirements, You need to person theme test via ThemeCheck – A WordPress theme testing plugin – to make sure that your theme does not raise any errors or warnings, Some warnings are ignored by themeforest, which are listed in Themeforest theme requirements page.

Make sure that your theme’s code quality is up to industry standards and your design is not from the 19’s. You need to make sure that your theme’s quality is good enough to be accepted on themeforest.

Themeforest takes 25-33 days to review your theme before its ready to be sold on the market place

Market Research

Before you go ahead and start working on your product, Its always good to have a clear idea of what your market it. Are you making multi purpose theme? or you’re making a niche based theme? What kind of theme will sell now a days.

Dive deep into the market, Go through different categories. Analyse which the new trends and sales opportunity. If you see something that is very good but is missing a core feature that could make its sales blow up, Do that!

Look into different themes, Look at their demos and feature list and Based on your analysis, Decide whether you want to make a blog, a personal portfolio, corporate or a multi purpose theme.

Ask your self this: Does my theme’s design and features meet up to the current market trends and quality?

Tax Information and Pricing

I’ve done this mistake and I’m writing this article so could avoid it and save a few bucks 😉

Before your theme goes for sale or when its being reviewed, Make sure you submit your tax information to envato otherwise you’ll be eligible to pay 30% tax per sale for each of your item.

Now that we’re talking money, Here is the thing about envato market. It charges around 50 to 55 percent author fee on each of your sale. Which means every time you sell an item. You’ll have to pay 50-55% percent profit to envato as author fee. This author fee decreases as your number of sales on envato market increases. You can find out how much you can earn for your number of sales at Envato Author Page.

And With the new pricing policy, you can now set your own price for your theme. Which was previously done by envato review team.

Product Support

Are you an expert at what you’re doing? Sometimes, We’ll developers download some open source code to include in our project, Which is totally okay. But what if a client find a problem in your product/theme and you can’t fix it?

Boom! There you go. Refund.

Another very important thing that you must do is provide premium support for your theme. Help your customers to use your theme, If they can’t understand how it works or it breaks down then you’ll be in trouble.

Providing support with your item is a really good way to build trust between you and your customers. Many customers tend to buy from those who provide premium support for their items and even hire them for future custom projects. So if you’re considering themeforest or any other envato market place, Then providing a Premium support to your customers is a must.


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